Healthful eating through food, not numbers

We’re registered dietitians (RDs), food experts and home cooks with hungry families, and we know how tough it can be to create healthy meals in a time crunch. Our down-to-earth approach makes healthful eating accessible by using simple ingredients and cooking techniques, and offering tips and tricks to build the confidence of any home cook.  As nutrition experts, we’re a unique pair. When translating the science of nutrition, we do so by helping you eat well through real food, without counting a single calorie or reading a single nutrition label. 

We believe all foods fit. We believe anyone can cook. We want to show you how.


What’s up. I’m Erin. Part dietitian, part home economist, full-on food fanatic and proud momma to a budding foodie.

As an RD, I work in acute care at a large teaching hospital and do awesome things like SAVE LIVES! That is, if you believe good nutrition saves lives. I sure do. I’ve also done nutrition counselling in my community for people living with HIV and more recently, for parents of ‘picky eaters’ in an online course I co-developed and facilitate over at Collective Therapy

As a PHEc (pronounced ‘peeheck’ and meaning professional home economist) I use my food and nutrition know-how to help people with practical things. Like cook hella good food. Which is where How to Eat comes in. 

My healthy eating advice?

Let’s relax about food. Let’s stop fearing it and start cooking it again. Less focus on nutrition labels, more focus on ingredients. Let’s sit down and eat together

This, is how we will achieve world peace.

IMG_2246Well hello there! My name is Dara and I have had a love affair with food for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a close knit family in Toronto, food was always at the forefront of every holiday and family gathering. However, I think the love story truly began when I was completing my Kinesiology degree while living on my own at University, and forced to shop and cook for myself. Fast forward just a few years (a lady never reveals her age) and here we are today. I work as an registered dietitian in a clinical setting at a large teaching hospital and I am still shopping and cooking, but am now feeding not only myself, but my husband and two daughters. And my love affair with food is strong as ever! I love everything about it – how it can bring people together, spark conversation, and how it nourishes not only our bodies, but our souls. I love all food, from the uber trendy smoothie bowl to the delicious cheesy slice from your neighbourhood pizza shop. My goal is to help you build your own relationship with food and get back into the kitchen and cook simple and healthful meals at home. So what time is dinner?






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  1. Woohoo!
    You guys are giving dietitians a good name! All about loving food, not avoiding it, being fearful or obsessing over it…ok, maybe a bit of obsessing but only in a good way. 🙂
    What a visually gorgeous blog….found you on my hunt for a butternut squash recipe….I’m hooked and staying.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments! That’s exactly what we were going for. It means a lot to us that you are enjoying our blog. Hope the butternut squash recipe was a success!

    • Thanks so much Robyn! It was so great to meet you too! Definitely keep in touch and lets try to meet up for a delicious meal in T.O. You still need to try that Richmond Station burger!

  2. Recently discovered your blog, and finding it absolutely inspirational! Am food addict myself, working on setting up a blog (coming soon) about my own experiences with food and its impact on my ADHD ! Your pictures are mouthwatering! Keep it up!

  3. Just recently found your blog and my complete thought is–WOWWWW!!!! I spent my entire morning looking back through your posts. Love love love it!

  4. This may be unrelated but I’d LOVE to talk to you about how the Food and Nutrition program at Ryerson was. I’m thinking of going there and would like to hear some feedback on how the program was from someone who attended. Thanks! 🙂

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