Facebook Live Cooking Demonstration @ 8pm

And we’re back!

Sorry for the delay folks – we had wanted to bring you a super duper LIVE video in January but winter + daycare is the pits! Seriously, the worst!

Thank g-d for these frittata muffins! Can you believe after three food demos we have yet to share a breakfast recipe with you? That’s just crazy. Considering how much we love brunch foods – it’s about time don’t you think?


We do too! So tonight, LIVE at 8pm on our How To Eat Facebook page, we will be showing you how to make our grab-and-go frittata muffins.

So grab your whisk, a carton of eggs and milk, and lets all chat and cook together! Then we can all go to sleep knowing we have breakfast in the fridge ready and waiting. Because you all have 9pm bedtimes too, right?


And just like in previous demos, in case you are previously engaged tonight at 8, the video will stick around forever and ever. So check us out!

Dara & Erin


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