How To: Order in Easy and Healthy

Most nights of the week, we are pretty good at getting a home cooked meal on the table. And generally, when we want to eat out…we eat out. But there are just some nights when a longer than expected day at work leaves you drained and even too tired to heat up any leftovers or defrost the frozen tupperware of chili sitting in your freezer. This is where ordering in comes to the rescue!

Usually, when dining out, we like to truly experience the food that the restaurant has to offer and indulge in their house specialty or need-to-order dish. But for the mid week meal, when you just can’t cook, you sometimes crave something simple and healthy. Can this be possible when ordering in? Why yes, it can!

I was recently gifted a voucher to test out Just-Eat, a large online portal of restaurants for ordering take out. Being one who rarely orders in, Just-Eat was very helpful in providing me with a list of restaurants that deliver in my neighborhood. This is an excellent way to seek out healthy dining options nearby, as opposed to the usual pizza and fried chicken chains. Simply enter your postal code and the surrounding restaurants pop up. From there, it’s pretty easy to use. I was super impressed with the help function (yes, I’m computer illiterate) which was excellent and helped me complete the easy online ordering.

Fresh rolls: rice paper wraps filled with tofu and vegetables

Mango salad

So…what did I choose? Well, little did I know Thai One On, a chain Thai restaurant, delivered right to my apartment. After a weekend up north and eating a large amount of pizza and ice cream and too exhausted to cook, I had a craving for a vegetable rich meal. Fresh summer rolls, mixed vegetable and tofu, mango salad, veggie pad thai, and brown rice fit the bill nicely.

Tofu and mixed vegetables

Veggie pad thai

Sure, there were lots of vegetables and sure, the fresh rolls were indeed fresh and the mango salad was sweet and nutty, but drenched in sauce and a very ketchup-ladden pad thai just doesn’t cut it for me. Nothing was terrible, but nothing was great. But I was impressed with Just-Eat’s service as an e-mail confirmation and time of delivery was provided to me. The food arrived right on time and with no missing dishes or mistakes…I was even gifted a free order of cold and under-fried spring rolls!

My plate: a little taste of everything

So the next time a long work day is getting you down and even the thought of using your microwave is too much work, try Just-Eat to see what healthier take out options are in your neck of the woods.


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