How to: Quickie Meal – ‘Breakfast’ Sandwiches


To me, it’s shocking it has taken me this long to post about one of my favourite and oft used quickie meals.

Really, there’s not much to it. It’s simple. It’s quick. And there is no recipe, per se.

But I feel the need to show you how awesome and meal-like a humble breakfast sandwich can be anyway.

So I will.

First thing’s first.  Rummage around in your fridge for anything that might make a good sandwich filling.

Here is what I had on hand. Truly. There was no shopping required for this post.


Bits and bobs of leftover cheese. The other half of that delicious Ontario field tomato. Anything green. Anything saucy. Eggs (obvi). Meat if you dig it.

Next, you need a vehicle. I had whole wheat english muffins though any bread, bun or wrap will do.

Finally, you need about 3 to 5 mins to cook your egg. I like mine fried, over easy so it explodes with delicious fatty yolk when I bite in to it. Some like it over-hard. Some like it scrambled up a little and folded. Some like whites-only (nut jobs).


Need some inspiration? Here’s what I did, with delectable results.

Avocado, extra old cheddar, crisp romaine lettuce and salsa combine for southwestern twist. Yeehaw.



Try a thick layer of soft goat’s cheese, peppery arugula and a fresh-from-the-field Ontario tomato is a perfect locavore option.


DSC_6828Slow roasted sweet-as-candy grape tomatoes, fresh sliced basil and creamy bulgarian feta adds a gourmet flare.



Whatever egg-mc-delicious option you try, ‘breakfast’ sandwiches are so so much more than just breakfast, wouldn’t you agree?


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